A Cuckold Affair

There was a submissive, lonely husband called Derek, who had found himself in a cuckold scenario. His lack of action from his spouse was due to his lack of size. He can only erect his penis to 4 inches long. Derek has been ordered to satisfy me, he likes the idea of the odd pain punishment, and gets rewarded by plugs and pegging. I drain his wallet on what his willing to give but I have my limitations. 

He has his sexy, busty wife Sandra, 43, blonde with blue eyes, 5ft 4, getting dressed up in a slutty outfit. She’s wearing a navy low-cut figure-hugging dress with fishnet stockings and black high heels. She’s off to see her lover, but this isn’t a secret as it’s a cuckold arrangement. She’s having sex with her Nigerian fitness instructor, who is over double the size of her husband’s manhood. 

Meanwhile, Derek gets ready to visit his Dom mistress, Roxi Cox, in secret. He knocks on the door, and Roxi welcomes him with her sexy masquerade mask, strapless catsuit, and knee high, 6 inched leather boots.

After a few visits of pouring his heart out, Derek feels more comfortable to let go with her. He gets down on his knees while Mistress Roxi puts on his well-fitted black latex balaclava with a collar around his neck. They continue the session, and he discovers he quite likes being humiliated, spat on, pulled, and spanked.

“Let me fill you up. Care to take a whiff?

“What’s that smell?” Derek replied

“Why, that’s my cum mixed with spunk and dirty panties you are smelling peasant”

“You’re my little cuckie cleaning cocksucker aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress Roxi Cox I am”

“Well the more you can eat the more fun we can have”

“Yes mistress”

“Now lick my socket clean it is still wet with my fucking juices and you can get more of my juices out of it just suck my hole good”

“Yes mistress”

“I can feel you licking”

“I want you to lick me like a dog”

“Now clean my ass I drove here in a dirty ass car”

“Yes mistress”

“I could’ve let you sit in the back but I enjoy you smelling my ass”

“Yes mistress”

“You are such a good little cuckie, you love this don’t you?”

“Yes mistress”

“You can lick the inside of my heels clean too”

“Anything for you mistress”

“Good boy”

“Thank you mistress Roxi Cox”

“What are your plans on Saturday?” Mistress asked

“I have a date with Cindy on Saturday”

“You better not be playing with your little dick while you are there”

“No mistress I could never”

“Good because you wouldn’t want that asshole of yours to get ruined would you?”

“Yes, I mean No! mistress”

But no matter what, he never fails to update his Dom mistress, on what his wife shares during her demands for him to please her. However, as he continues his sessions and opens up emotionally, a strong bond develops between them both. Although the relationship never becomes intimate.

The next day, Derek is in a good mood, happy and smiling. He plans a dinner for his lover and asks her to come over. 

“Hey babe”

“What are you up to today”

“I have the evening off” Cindy replied

“Could you come over tonight, my wife is staying out. I could make you some dinner.

“Oh, I would love that!”

“I’ll see you at 6”

“Sounds great see you then”

As the day goes by, he can’t wait to see her. He spends the whole day thinking about her and how he’ll make the dinner perfect. He feels excited, as he hasn’t felt this way in a while.

When she arrives at his place, she greets him with a smile, and he feels butterflies in his stomach. She’s wearing a tight, red blouse, blue skinny jeans and red open toe heels. They hug, and he enjoys the warmth and softness of her skin. He leads her to the kitchen, where they prepare his favorite dish, spaghetti bolognese.

They enjoy dinner together, then cuddle on the couch while watching a movie. The passion between them ignites, and they share a deep kiss. They move to the bedroom, where he undresses her.

But the story takes an unexpected turn as Derek’s plans for a romantic evening with his lover result in a disappointing outcome. Despite his initial excitement and anticipation, he finds himself unable to perform due to the guilt of cheating on his wife!

Derek’s thoughts and fascination with his Dom therapist begin to infiltrate his mind during his further interactions with Cindy. This tension soon builds up until the climactic end, where Derek experiences a major realization or revelation of his hidden love for his Mistress.

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